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Beech leaf ring in fine silver

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A beautiful fine silver clay ring, made using a real leaf from a beech tree, painted with recycled metal clay and soldered to the recycled sterling silver ring band (1.8 mm thick) which is filed to ensure a nice round end. The ring is polished by hand to leave a silver shine and finally finished with a protective coating to prevent tarnish. This ring is cleaned with natural chemicals (from citrus fruit), and polished with animal-friendly materials (silicone). The adjustable ring band is hidden underneath the leaf.

This adjustable leaf ring is a larger ring which would comfortably fit up to a T. If you would like one made to size please don't hesitate to contact me regarding a custom order.

These leaves are picked from a beech tree (Fagus sylvatica). Beech trees have beautiful lime green young wavy leaves with silky hairs. The tassel-like male catkins hang from long stalks at the end of twigs, while female flowers grow in pairs, surrounded by a cup. Beech can live for hundreds of years with some coppice stands living over 1000 years.

Every item is presented in a recycled pillow box with an anti-tarnish tab, and is posted safely in recyclable wrapping. If you would like to add a giftbox to your order it would make the perfect gift for those who love leaf jewellery or silver clay jewelry.